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Bet Israel Masorti Synagogue

讘讬转 讬砖专讗诇" – 讘讬转 讛讻谞住转 讛诪住讜专转讬 讘谞转谞讬讛"

19 Yehuda Hanasi St., POB 437, Netanya 4210300, Israel
Phone: 972-(0)9-862-4345

The Parush Sukkah – Succot 5777 (October 2016)

This beautiful sukkah is now in permanent residence on the top floor of Bet Israel.

For over 40 years, Meir Parush worked on his beautiful family sukkah, adding artistic details of Judaica in stained glass and carved wood year by year, and erecting the sukkah annually for the use of family, friends and anyone else who enjoyed sitting in a sukkah with an aesthetically spiritual environment. Seven years ago, the task of re-building the sukkah proved too difficult for Meir and his wife Miriam, and the sukkah was stored away. This year the Parush family’s inlaws – Millie and Morrie Kaporovsky – are bringing the sukkah to the premises of “Bet Israel” Masorti synagogue, where it will be proudly displayed to residents and visitors to Netanya. Hadas Parush, grand-daughter of the Parush and Kaporovsky families, has produced this loving tribute to her grandfather’s inventiveness and creativity.

Here are photos of the Parush children and grandchildren taking down the sukkah from its temporary resting place in the Parush’s “boydem” (ceiling storage), and preparing it for the journey to Netanya.

Parush sukkah 22 Parush sukkah 12 Parush sukkah 14
Parush sukkah 15 Parush sukkah 5 Parush sukkah 4
 Parush sukkah 6  Parush sukkah 7  Parush sukkah 13
 Parush sukkah 26  Parush sukkah 23  Parush sukkah 2
 Parush sukkah 29  Parush sukkah 31  Parush sukkah 34

At the end of the video Meir says: “There’s a well-known verse in the Torah that God will one day build David’s fallen sukkah. I hope that the day will come when this sukkah will rise, whether in a permanent place, or whether it’s rebuilt from year to year. Only God knows.”


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